The Big Bang Theory Tribute – The Physics Is Theoretical, But THE FUN IS REAL!

Adina760Sheldon Cooper is HOT! He is! Well, no! Sorry!  Sorry! Sorry! He’s not HOT. Johnny Depp and Jon Kortajerena are HOT. Sheldon Cooper is… NOPE, I can’t find a strong enough word to describe how I feel about him.  YES, I admit! I have a Sheldon-Crush! He’s tall, he’s got a mind of his own [which is actually the reason why people find him both hilarious and extremity annoying], he’s SMART as hell,  and he’s… Well, no he’s not crazy! His mother had him tasted!

Adina759The Big Bang Theory Season 9 premiered on September 21 on CBS.  And on this season’s second episode, The Separation Oscillation Sheldon recorded a special episode of Fun with Flags about countries which split up in which he talked about… ROMANIA, you guys! Romania and Moldova. I couldn’t be more happy. Actually yes, I could be more happy. I would be even happier if Sheldon and Penny had a brief adventure. There is just too much chemistry between this two characters! Or maybe it’s just me? I don’t know!

Adina756What do know is just HOW much I love this show. I’ve been watching it since Season 1, episode 1. I’m fascinated by the script, the multi-racial / cultural CAST is GREAT, the idea of a science-base series is original. But what I most love about this show is Sheldon’s SERIOUSly amusing Quotes, of course. And he’s misunderstood behavior, and he’s unique sense of friendship, and he’s too honest to be truth way to express the newly fond love for Amy. And the way he kisses Penny. And Leonard’s mother. And Amy. Wow, come to think of it, this guys has kissed more girls than any other character in this show! He’s on fire! Told you!


The thing with Sheldon is that with him The Physics Is Theoretical, But THE FUN IS REAL!


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