Nail Art – Dare to Be Different. And Funny!

Adina550 n

Yesterday was Saturday. Saturday is my manicure day! So this is what I created.  As the weather here in Romania is cold and rainy, I tried to bring the summer back with a colorful, funny nail art.

I ALWAYS do my nails and spas myself! This way I save money,  my nails and possibly my life. I’m too afraid of skin eating diseases and infections. And of course I’m afraid of AIDS.

 Yes, millions of women get manicures each year and don’t experience any serious or life-threatening side effects. That doesn’t mean that it could never happen to me. Maybe I’m paranoid, but better paranoid than ill.

Adina551 n

Nail salons that have been insufficiently cleaned or performed bad sanitization practices, as well as ones with inadequately trained nail technicians, could be a breeding ground for bacteria and a dangerous place for you to “unwind.”


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