Calendula Cream – The Natural Super-Efficient Treatment for Burns

Adina429Calendula Cream is by far the most efficient treatment for burns. Trust me, I’m experiencing its benefits right now as I burned myself really badly with boiling water three weeks ago. In the first 3-4 days I used use Dermazin cream to prevent burn infections. Ever since the infections danger has passed, I’ve been applying natural Calendula [Marigold] Cream on the large burn area to improve the skin’s appearance and promote cell renovation.  I place sterilized gauze onto the wound and I cover it with a bandage. 

When applied externally, calendula is highly efficient against fungal infection,  insect bites and purulent wounds due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

If the burn is less serious, you can use homemade calendula tincture. Just steep one tsp of marigold petals (organic ones, of course) in a cup of hot water. Gently dab the tincture on the burnt area to help remedy the area.

When you include comfrey root in any marigold ointments it can help to enhance the healing qualities on burns, and makes a combination that can help to treat small wounds, also.



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