I Hate Babies Crying In Public Places! An Infamous Tribute to Crazy, Antisocial Mothers

Adina379I hate babies crying in coffee-shops and restaurants! And I hate even more the parents who bring their babies to restaurants/flights/public places of literally any kind. If you can’t control your baby, why won’t you keep him/her at home? Adina385 Trust me guys, I’m the most understanding and tolerating person I know. Patient I’m not! Not at all.  But I really am a super-tolerating person. It’s just that some things just can’t be tolerate. That whole “You’re a heartless human being. He/She’s a baby. Babies are cute no matter what they do” explanation doesn’t hold water.

Adina384I understand and totally respect human rights, but hey! I am a human too. I also have rights!

Adina406For instance I have the right to relax during a super-expensive coffee-break. The only reason I’m  paying 4 euros for a coffee is to drink it in a relaxing environment. I truly do not need your baby to bellowing far beyond his lung capacity close to my ear, especially not when I’m super- tired after a long and stressful day at the office. You may be a mother, your baby may be cute and funny and sweet and all you want, but I’m a hard working person.

Adina395Not to disturb people around you is a matter of respect and education. If you’re not well behaved enough to respect those around you, how the hell are you gonna rise your baby?

Adina407More pictures HERE and on Instagram


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