Freckles Make-up Inspired by Gavroche [Les Miserables] + Gavroche-Inspired outfit

Adina357What the… freckles?! Can it be possible?

Yes you glamorous human beings,  freckles are trendy right now! Super-trendy. So If you have natural freckles… lucky you! If you don’t, draw them! There are like a billion methods to apply natural looking faux freckles. Some use an eyebrow pencil, others use mascara or eyeliner. 

Adina358As today I’m experiencing a very Gavroche state of mind, I drew them Gavroche – Style. I don’t know why, but when I say “freckles” my mind automatically goes to Les Miseables’s most iconic character. I used my Golden Rose Style Liner Black & Black Eyeliner , my sad and super-tired face [Yes, I CAN FEEL THE BURN REBECCA!] and a lot of  Alexandre Dumas-ish imagination :). Hope you like it!

Adina359[Street-Style] Gavroche-Inspired outfit

More pictures HERE


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