Golden Rose Eyeliner and Mascara – If “Perfect Definition” Is What You Have in Mind

Adina334AGolden Rose Style Liner Black & Black Eyeliner is what I’m currently using as eyeliner, brow Liner, lip liner and as you can see, Yes! mustache liner too :p After a traumatizing experience with Inglot Advanced Makeup Components Eyeliner Gel , this super-affordable eyeliner seems to me the best I’ve had so far. Well, I’m exaggerating. The best eyeliner I have ever had was by Guerlain – very pricey but AMAZING!

Adina346Why do I like this eyeliner? The brush is really, really good so it’s super simple to apply. It gives a deep jet black shade with a glossy finish. The texture is thick, the intensity is great, it lasts all day and it’s easy to remove. What more can I ask?

Adina347Volume & Define Miracle Lash Ultra Black Mascara is the mascara I use for everyday makeups. The unique flexible brush perfectly coats and separates lashes and creates defined, volumized, lenghened lashes.



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