My name is Adina Scurtu and I’m a Milk Coffee Addict.


OK, so Milk Coffee is my Guilty Pleasure. No, wait! Actually milk coffee is my #addiction. The only addiction I’ve ever had. And I don’t wanna quit. Quite the contrary. I would drink coffee continuously, if I could. I know you know exactly what I mean. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post. Probably.

Adina286Starbucks is like my second home. I just can’t get enough of that yammy Single Venti Latte. Iced or Hot, doesn’t really matter. I also love #McCafe [McCafé Latte. McCafé Mocha] and Gloria Jean’s [Caffé Mocha & Iced Mocha]. But most of the coffee I drink is of course #HomeMade.

Adina284And when comes about #HomeMade coffee, my all time favorite is an [artificially] date-flavored coffee by Coffee Roots. This is by far the tastiest coffee I’ve ever drinked. It’s a bit expensive but it’s DE-LI-CIOUS! A much cheaper alternative I totally recommend is Jacobs Velvet.

Adina283As I only drink #MilkCoffee, I always prepare it with 1.5% fat milk. And I only add 1.5 spoon of sugar. Because as much as I love coffee, I still have to get and keep in shape.

Adina280Make-up executed by me. [I used real coffee powder as lipstick.] Source here


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