September Transformation Program – My Daily Workout Routine

So guys, this below is my September Transformation Program!

Which means that during this month I’m gonna do ALL of the workouts listed below EVERY SINGLE DAY! 90 mins of burn and pain is actually no big deal compared to my goal. Which is to achieve the #MileyCyrusBody, ya’ll! Or how I like to call it the #NoEditBody.


That’s right! I wanna get a body that needs no Photoshop to look amazing in pictures! And one thing I know for sure: I won’t get the ass I want by sitting on it! Remeber guys: #NoPainNoGain

Thank you Rebecca-Louise [RL Heathy].

[And #ICanFeelTheBurn Rebecca , by the way :)]

Arm Workout

Butt Workout

Legs Workout

Abs Workout

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