Yeah guys, I wear #PlasticClogs!

Adina228Yeah guys, I wear #PlasticClogs! Not because they are probably the most #ComfortableShoes on earth [*], but because I LOVE their shape. Most people say they are horrible. I say they are #SuperCool. I’m into #MinimalistFootwear and I also like all those things people might find #weird.

I wear them with #jeans, dresses, and skirts when I’m just wearing something casual. I  really think that #PlasticClogs make the casual outfits look crazy, fresh & cool. And most of all, I think that they make any casual outfit look #unconventional. Which I love because I’m obsessed with unconventionalityI rather look ridiculous than common.

Health Fact: [*] The design concept behind toe shoes is the best solution for fictional, body-friendly footwear due to the allowance of “ground feel” they allow while still maintaining the foot’s dynamic flexibility and the proprioceptive sense of the foot.


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