Hell YES, I LOOOVE Rebecca-Louise!

maxresdefaultI Hate Working Out!!! But I LOVE the results. And no one gives you faster results than Rebecca-Louise [rlhealthy.com] . Her super-efficient workouts are fun, intense – super-intense actually – painful [but not insupportable] and most important – SHORT!!! Most of the routines last no more than 10 mins.

Why is Rebecca Louise the #ItGirl in the business? Because this English funny, gorgeous, uber-sexy bombshell #trainer sets your body #OnFire and burns it to the point that your fat melts right before your eyes.  Trust me guys, she makes you feel like you’ve never felt before.

The trick with Rebecca Louise is that no matter the pain, you won’t stop. Cause she won’t let you. She may look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but she sounds like an army general.  When she tells you to do it, trust me, you do it! The only lovable things about her during the workouts are her huge sense of humor and her business partner Alphie.

Take a look at the workouts I’m doing currently:


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